More than just an essential safety element, over the years the helmet has become a veritable emblem for the drivers. Have you ever wondered about the particular relationship they have with their headwear?

The helmet is one of the few elements that each driver can personalize. And both on and off the track, the competitors have total freedom to express themselves. They let the spectators in the stands know who is behind the wheel. Even today, the helmets of Ayrton Senna, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Michael Schumacher and many others remain engraved in the collective memories of all motor racing fans. 

But how do they come up with the design? There is a story behind every driver’s helmet choice! Gabriel Aubry, Julia Pankiewicz, Alex Peroni, Max Defourny and Robert Shwartzman, who are all competing this year in the Formula Renault Eurocup, explain to us the links they have to their helmets as well as their models and the inspiration behind their design.