Formula Renault Eurocup

Sometimes as young as 16, the drivers in the Formula Renault Eurocup field are confronted with an extremely competitive environment in which they will learn the basics of their trade: how to handle the pressure of competition while getting the most out of their single-seater: This is where the drivers learn the bases!

Since its creation in 1971, Formula Renault has uncovered some of the greatest drivers of the modern Formula One era, from Alain Prost and Kimi Raikkonen to Lewis Hamilton. The first rung on the ladder leading to the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula Renault is the training ground for the champions of tomorrow.

Regulations in brief

- Each race will have a minimum duration of 30 minutes plus 1 lap. However, in the event where an event will take place in a street circuit, the minimum duration may be 25 minutes plus 1 lap.

- After each race, the leading drivers will receive points according to the standard FIA point-scheme. Wild card drivers and any driver who has not participated in one prior event before the 8th one will not score any points. These points will be awarded to the next driver in the classification.

- At the end of the season, a trophy will be awarded to the first 3 classified drivers, to the best “Rookie” driver, and to the team having totaled the highest number of points.

- All the results are counting for the final standings.

- A grant of an equivalent value of €350.000 will be awarded by Renault Sport Racing to the winner of 2018 Formula Renault Eurocup, on the condition that the winner accepts to integrate the 2019 program of the Renault Sport Academy.

- Registration fees offered for the 2019 season of the Eurocup to the first “Rookie” driver of the 2018 final classification.


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